– Le

Back from Eurofurence since yesterday.... IT WAS AMAZING ! Be sure that I'll be back next years ! <3 I drew almost 52 drawings during this 4 days ! THANK YOU TO ALL MY COMMISSIONERS AND TRADERS. <3 If I did one for you don't hesitate to send me a note/PM with it, it would be a pleasure to upload it there ! :D Well I can't tell with words how wonderful this convention was, it was my very first furcon and I'm thinking about which one will be the next. owo I was interviewed by Arte, dunno if they'll keep me at the editing but if they do, be sure I'll share it there ! >w< Well I don't what to say, I'm very proud to be part of your community, furry fandom is really like a big family, can't wait to see you all again. ç___ç <3 LUVLUVLUVLUV