– Le

Finally back home after two big days on the road ! 💦💦 This Eurofurence was truly amazing, I'm so glad I was able to arrive earlier and leave the con this monday morning ! ✨ Plus the working side which was a wonderful time (I love to work on this conditions 💚), I fursuited a lot (Actually more than during EF22) and I met a bunch of cool furries ! I'm so happy ! Thanks for all palz, for commissioning, chating, cuddling and supporting me during the con ! This year was my first artshow and it was a very good experience, I didn't have so much art pieces for this first try but the result was unexpected good ! 💪 Many people comes around during the Dealer's Den, my booth begins to look like a real one, and it's because of you all ! Thanks friends, thanks all, I go to sleep ! 😂 (Merci Pripri pour la photo)